Tom, on getting to know the client...

In every project, my top priority is to address the needs and wishes of the client. If I've created a home in which the owners are comfortable, a place they're happy to come home to, then I've done my job right.

When working with people, I really listen to what they're saying -- I listen to what they want and I get to know them. It's the best way and really the only way in my book.

How can you build a house for someone, a place where they'll really be happy, if you don't know what they're like and how they live? Some people live on the porch, some people live in the kitchen, some people are morning people, some aren't. These things really matter when designing a home.

Building a house for someone isn't just a business relationship -- it's a personal relationship. And it's based on trust. We're in this thing together. We're collaborators designing your home, your environment -- all of which translates to your happiness.

And it's not all about the end result either. The designing and building process should be enjoyable too. I've had people tell me they were kind of dreading the process, but working with me made it fun. That's what I like to hear.

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